In this section, you can find a stellar variety of dildos. The history of a dildo goes back to the Stone Age. Archaeologists tried hard to find non-sexual uses for the blatantly shaped tools they have discovered during their digs. They failed. Obviously, the phallus-shaped objects were used for sexual stimulation. Dildos used to be made of stone, chalk, and bone. Thankfully, today, we have access to much softer materials.
It’s important to note that anal dildos are somewhat different than dildos created for women. They are designed to target the p-spot. Some dildos come as combination toys with the cock ring attached. There are many different types of dildos. Some are used for BDSM purposes. Others serve as a simple penis replacement while one partner is pleasuring another in some other way. It’s important to use sufficient lube with all the dildos you purchase in our shop. You can find a wide variety of lubricants in the next section.
Large And Oversized Dildos: Anal masturbators come in different shapes in sizes. Many men, who haven’t tried dildos before, opt for a large dildo. While these toys are definitely pleasurable, they won’t satisfy everyone. Buying a large anal sex toy is reasonable when you know you enjoy deep penetration. Otherwise, you may hurt yourself and end up disappointed with the toy.
Realistically Designed Dildos: To be honest, in order to bring you pleasure, dildos don’t need to look like real penises. However, the visual aspect of these tools adds to the experience. That’s why we offer a wide selection of realistic dildos to choose from. They have such realistic features as bulging veins, balls, and a cock head. They can help you enjoy the next bedroom game to its fullest.
Black Dildos: A black dildo is a popular sex toy, which allows some men to have new fantasies. These stimulators come in different shapes and sizes, helping improve the experience. Some of the black dildos come in a set with butt plugs to alternate the sensations. Black toys come with realistic designs to make your games even more exciting.
Glass Dildos: Dildos can be made out of different materials. Glass dildos are rather popular. If you want to enhance your experience or try something new, glass is the way to go. The glass toys we offer are made of high-quality materials (medical grade borosilicate glass). So you don’t need to worry about them breaking.
The best part about using a glass dildo is that it’s temperature responsive. So you can come up with some new experiments. Meanwhile, such toys look impressive and can become an awesome part of your décor.
Silicone Dildos: These are the most popular dildos on the market. Silicone is light, easy to clean, soft, and enjoyable. If you were thinking of purchasing your first dildo, we would recommend getting a silicone model. Silicone toys are very realistic and can become a wonderful addition to your sex tool collection.
Double Dildos: One of the most demanded dildos on the gay sex toy market is the double-ended tool. Who said that you both can’t enjoy p-spot stimulation simultaneously? The double-ended dildo can save the day. The number of games a man with a good imagination can come up with is endless. If that man has a double-ended dildo in hand, that number can double.
Ejaculating Dildos: How realistic can you go? If you want to feel the full pleasure of an ejaculating penis, you can opt for an ejaculating toy. These tools are loaded with lubricant and equipped with a pump. So you are the one in control of the ejaculations.
These dildos are excellent toys for solo sex sessions. However, they can become a wonderful addition to your partner-to-partner games.
Vibrating Dildos: Vibration is the key to quick satisfaction. If you are after a little help, a vibrating dildo is a choice to make. We offer a great variety of vibrating dildos for your needs. They come in different shapes, forms, and colors. When choosing the best dildo for your pleasure, don’t forget to consider the size. Using dildos properly is important for your satisfaction and safety. Cleaning sex toys is necessary to avoid infection. All the dildos we sell are easy to clean. Invest in an antiseptic liquid to make sure the toy is 100% sterile for your use. Always use a lubricant when inserting a dildo. Otherwise, you or your partner may get hurt. If you have any questions about these products, we are always happy to answer them.

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